Body Treatments

Relax, renew and indulge with this luxurious full body treatment. Blend of essential oils will awake the skin, while AHAs noticeably smooth, polish and hydrate from head to toe.
This deep cleansing body treatment will remove rough skin, improve circulation, assist in treating cellulite and reduce ingrown hairs.
After relaxing body brushing, your body will be deeply cleansed with revitalising exfoliate cream. Hot towel melts tensed muscles and removes leftover residue. Refreshing body moist will reenergise and hydrates your skin.

Aromatic full body Exfoliation

$ 80

50 mins

This stimulating and relaxing full body exfoliation treatment re mineralizes and increases blood circulation and detoxification the body. Nourishing, refreshing and hydrating experience for the body.

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Thirsty Body Treatment

$ 140

70 mins

“A big drink of water” for the skin to increase moisture levels, reduce discomfort and render the skin silky soft. This moisturising treatment starts with an aromatic sea exfoliation that removes dead skin cells and enriches the skin with vitamins and minerals. Skin hydrating essences are then infused into the whole body for 20 minutes, before the skin is spritzed with vitamin enriched moisturising seawater to protect it from further moisture loss.

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